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How many times was a link clicked


This seems like one of the most basic things to track but I can't find it. On a given page I have a link and want to know how many times was this clicked in a given period. 


I did a search and cant find it anywhere. I can see Actions per minute. How do I find total number of clicks by all users in a given period, and number of clicks on average per session?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

You cant find the number of clicks unless you are looking at the number of actions in general. You can create a conversion goal on you application to see how many people click "Forgot Passwords" but that is at a single entity level. 


If you need number of clicks in a customers journey, then I'd recommend putting in an RFE


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


To complement on @ChadTurner comments, there is in User Actions the notion of "Rage Clicking", when a user clicks a link several times in a row.

I believe you are referring to the number of clicks of a specific User-Action, in a certain page. I believe you should be able to do it if you capture the Referer header in a Request Attribute, and then propagate it as user action property; after that, you could use USQL to get that data.

Antonio Sousa

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