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How to chart the count of a given key user action split by Apdex categories?



I am having a problem with chart count of key user actions and corresponding Apdex categories.

I want to chart the count of a given key user action in a stacked bar split by Apdex categories.

When I add this metric "Action count by Apdex category" I can see the breakdown of each Apdex category however I cannot filter per specific key user action.


And with the metric "Apdex for Key user actions" I can filter for specific key user action but I cannot chart the Apdex categories. It only allows for average Apdex value.

Is there a way to chart the count of a given key user action split by Apdex categories?


Thank you,


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Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey Martin,

sadly you are right and this is currently not possible.

what we hopefully soon release (planned in 2-3 sprints, after a short test phase) is the ability to also use the Apdex in the MDA. Meaning you can also use it to create a calculated metric based on it. And since you can already use any user action as a filter you would end up with apdex ratings, split by Apdex categories for one specific user action.

The created calculated metric can then be used and visualized in custom charting, where you can select "count" instead of "sum" for the aggregation, which will give you pretty much what you asked for. For example, a pie chart containing the counts for the Apdex categories for a given user action.

PS: I will update this as soon as we release it!



Thank you, Thomas.

Will be waiting for the update.

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If it's only for one Key User Action maybe you could use a USQL like this as a workaround till then:

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Thanks, Patrick!

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Thomas, Is this feature going to be released soon?



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