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How to track Google Tag Manager and site speed/load time?


Hi there!


I'm new to Dynatrace. I'm on the advertising area of the company and need to keep track of load time (from a site visitor perspective). We are using Google Tag Manager.


Is there any way I can know how changes on Google Tag Manager affect site speed/efficiency? I want to be able to tell the ads team how GTM affects load speed over time, with a timeline charts, if possible.







Dynatrace have Real User Monitoring which gives you the power to know your customers by providing performance analysis in real time. This includes all user actions taken and how the various actions impact performance.

Real User Monitoring provides waterfall monitoring for each page. You can see impact or different resource (including 3rd party and CDN) to load page time ( )

Also you can see it information on chart for full application performance, selected page or 3rd party and CDN


Thanks! I'll take a look at the docs. Fortunately, there's many info, but it's not easy to find out how to monitor a specific set of tags...


@Marce C.

I think that dynatrace should automatically recognize Google Tag Manager as 3rd party resources on you pages and you can see how it impact on load page time (but I can be wrong as I had no experience with monitoring Google Tag Manager).

if necessary, you can use JavaScript API for Add and extend 3rd-party monitoring

All resources from the resource timings are captured if the resource timing module is active. Images and JavaScript files are captured with 3rd-party module. You can use the JavaScript API to capture additional resources.

Thanks again! I'll try to see what I can get and report back. About Dyantrace recognizing GTM as 3rd party... the problem is that GTM asynchronously fires tons of other 3rd party tags, which I'd need to individually identify and group. I guess Dynatrace should be able to identify which resource if launching the external tags.

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