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monitor Particular user by it's user ID or User name


Can I monitor Particular user by it's user ID or User name for the specific application?
Actually we are doing sampling for all the applications we are monitoring by the range of 20-50% . In this case Can we set that specific user to be register always when he/she do login on that application?
What I believe is when we are not monitoring 100% user sessions, Dynatrace randomly drop some and pick some.
So if I want to avoid some users to be dropped for the application. Can I set that by any way?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

For User Session Tagging, you will need to set that at the application level of each defined out application. I dont think you can filter out one user to get the tagging, but you can defined the tagging rule that that one application. 


So now Users hitting Application A, will get their ID captured and added to the user sessions. But Users hitting Application B will not get User Tags since you have not defined out a capture rule. 


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