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Is it possible to exist 2 monitoring solution for a single application?



We have a situation, our application is a PaaS service managed by third party and they have New Relic as their monitoring solution. We as a consumer also want to monitor this service for end to end monitoring and some other business reasons using dynatrace. This is customer facing application and we want to monitor everything for it. New relic will be doing Infra and application monitoring and not User Experience.

Assuming we have all access to do below, can you please me help with below queries.

  1. Can both tool be used with full stack monitoring?
  2. Keep dynatrace in Infra mode and use manual JS injection for RUM monitoring.
  3. Keep dynatrace in full stack and disable the deep monitoring of processes.
  4. Is there any other method you think can be used?
  5. Any potential or known issue that could come up with co-existence of both tool?
  6. Did anyone tried this before?






DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It is deeply not recommended to have 2 monitoring solutions in the same time. Our client was curious about NewRelic + Dynatrace parallel, there were issues with application.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks @sebastian k. for your response. Could you please also give you view on below?

  1. What if we put both in infra mode, and use DT manual injection for UEM monitoring? Would that also create issue? I know there may not be a straight answer but if you already seen any such case.
  2. If we just use agentless RUM of dynatrace and let New relic monitor infra and application. Assuming NR is not monitoring UEM. I hope this should not create an issue as we are not colliding here.

We had New Relic in infra mode + OneAgent full stack and there was no issue. Infra mode agents are only collecting perofrmance counters. Problem is when application is fully instrumented by both of them.

From my point RUM + both agent in infra mode shouldn't be issue here but when there will be something wrong DT may tell you that it is unsupported as well, so remember that. I rather suggest monitoring full stack by dynatrace (RUM + transaction monitoring) for full visibility. Infra metrics tells you where something is wrong but not why.


Regards, Sebastian

Thanks for the clarification, this is helpful.

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