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Is there any where that can straight away tell the users, apdex is slow due to javascript error or slow response?

Currently, when we see the Apdex is low, we can perform a few more clicks (and possibly a few new tab) to know if the low Apdex mainly due to JS error or slowness

We are wondering if there is any button of pane in the 'applications' that can straight away tell us low apdex is mainly cause by which.

If no, would like to raise this as a RFE.

Best Regards,

Wai Keat


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I dont think it will specifically state that the Apdex threshold has been violated in the problem card. It might say Response time degradation due to Java.node slowdowns which would then apply to the end user as their apdex has dropped.

You will also see and alert that the application "easytravel" is experiencing a slowdown, and thats a clear indication that users sessions are having a bad apdex score based off of the baseline for this app.

Over all i dont think in the problem card it will specifically state the apdex is violated. If you want that then yes, please put in a RFE.


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