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JavaScript Agent injection on Netty

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion


Is there any chance to automatically inject the JSAgent to HTML which is delivered by Netty/Vert.x.
Based on what I've seen I'd assume no.

I'm working with a setup where Vert.x/Netty serves a reactive page and there is no other webserver/proxy (except istio ingress) in front of this service, so the only way to inject would be on Netty, or do it manually (with all the drawbacks of it e.g. updating the agent upon config change...)

Apart from that: there is no support for Vert.x for tracing purepaths either, or did someone get this to work (guess with AgentSDK?)


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DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

unfortunately it looks like it is somewhat unsupported at the moment. Netty and Vert.x will be picked up by the OneAgent but will lack full visibility into transactions. You would have to instrument the Vert.x request handler with the OneAgent SDK


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor

Hi @r_weber,


we have some improvements on our roadmap that can help you to get end-to-end visibility:

  • Netty server user action to distributed trace correlation
  • Vert.x HttpClient and Web client tracing

Dynatrace technology support roadmap 


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Automatic injection of JS agent is still not supported for Netty. It looks for any supported web tier in front to do the automatic injection like nginx.

When can Netty allow the automatic injection of JS snippet into the html and sending beacon as a response to DT server.

We have 5-6 applications where we are manually injecting JS snippet due to the limitations with Netty not supporting automatic injection.

Any tentative timeline would be really helpful here. @_Alexander_ 

Hi @nanand3, RUM auto-injection is unfortunately not planned for the near future, but we plan to improve the RUM correlation to support more use cases in the context of page load HTML and static resources.

Best regards,

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