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Mapping of User tags and internalUserID in RUM



I have some queries for how dynatrace behaves under some usecases of RUM.

  1. I believe Dynatrace has it's internalUserID with which it maps the user tag and display. Under that tag, along with internaluserID, the user can have multiple number of sessions registered. So, for how much of time and what are the general criteria by which Dynatrace will remember the internalUserID and mark the userID as a same user?
  2. What if user X has open 2 user sessions in different browser windows at the nearly same time , among those he has logged-in in one session and in another he has not. Then what happen with the internalUserID mapping? Will it be same for null user tag and X user tag?
  3. I observed that some tagged users get null as a region for some number of sessions. and the same user get the region as it's name for another bunch of sessions. Why does that happen for the user which is tagged as a same?
  4. Also , Some null users have their regions mapped and some have not. Why so?

Screenshot in the reference of the queries has been attached here.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Quite a few points there:

  1. Dynatrace uses the user tag you specify as well as a cookies for session correlation, in the settings for the application there is an option for a persistent cookie (rxVisitor) and sessions get tied to the same user when these match - there is no time limit for these
  2. If a user opens to windows odds are the same persistent cookie would be present in both of those regardless of if they log in so those could be tied to the same user - it depends if you have that option enabled though
  3. (and 4) the location mapping is determined based on the IP address that we see for that session which needs to be a public IP address for it to happen automatically (you can do your own mappings of private IP addresses or to override public ones) and even for these public ones not all ranges can be mapped to the region level sometimes it is only country. But the tagging is not relevant here, just the IP address so I would see if those sessions have a different one reported

This looks like the sessions query page - it will be easier to see and make sense of a lot of this behavior if you look directly at some sessions and users - then you can see when 'anonymous' sessions are getting tied to the same user that is sometimes tagged and what the IP addresses are that we see. In sessions query they'll all show up as individual records and you need to try to do that mapping manually.

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