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Mobile App instrumentation - stop sending beacons for the Actions


A prospect has security concerns of an instrumented app. To be more specific, he would like to be able to stop the instrumented app from sending action data to the cluster.

We have provided 2 ways of doing that:

1) disable monitoring of the mobile app from the DT UI settings (this may have a gap of 2 hrs until it stops)

2) force update the app with a non-instrumented version of it.

Both of those options are not sufficient for the prospect. Prospect would like to have this option of stopping beacon signals ex tempore, with immediate effect.

Any ideas?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

The customer should use Option 1. Option 2 should only be used if you want to turn of monitoring permanently.

About Option 1: Dynatrace does not push configurations updates to the agent. Instead the agents will regularly poll the configuration updates from the cluster.

The agents will receive the new configuration, when they connect to the cluster. If monitoring is disabled, then they will immediately stop monitoring. The agents also request the configuration when the app is started and therefore don't monitor new sessions. When the app is actively used by the user the monitoring will stop within 2 minutes. Only if the app (and the agent inside) is active, put the user does not perform any action, then it can take up to 2 hours until the agent checks if the cluster has a new configuration.


Thank you Thomas. So the 2 hrs max is a timeout from the last action? Or is it random?


The 2 hours are measured from the time point of the last connection

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