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Mobile App user actions are collected in Nonprod environment and not in PROD


We have configured Mobile application monitoring for both Android & iOS version in Dynatace Nonprod environment. Dynatrace is collecting the user actions successfully. Now, we wanted to replace the  "ApplicationID" & "Beacon URL" with the PROD environment. But, the load is still going to Dynatrace Nonprod and not the Dynatrace PROD environment. Is there any other settings we need to change?


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you might need to pull the sample code from the environment you want it to report into as there must be some code linkage that tells it which dynatrace environment to report to. Just like deploying the oneagent. 


Thanks Chad

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Changing the values for "ApplicationID" & "Beacon URL" is enough. After changing these values, you have to rebuild the app and install it on the device/emulator. Old app versions will still report to your Dynatace Nonprod environment, because these versions are configured with different "ApplicationID" & "Beacon URL" values.


If you are using different (Android build) variants for your Android app build, then these feature might be useful for you:





Thanks Thomas

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