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Multiple Document requests are capturing under same UserAction


We are noticing multiple document requests are showing under the same user action, technically each of them should come as separate user action but everything is coming under the same waterfall and these results are misleading and which include from user login to page load in a single action. We want to understand how dynatrace groups them into the same action.

From the waterfall we see onload event is taking time but don't see any additional info on what that onloadevent.





maybe you need to configure an user action naming rule, i think the Davis is agruping the same action because of the name

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DynaMight Guru

Here's how DT groups user actions:

As the @natanael_mendes wrote you can check the user action naming setting or if the automatic grouping still works incorrectly then you need to use RUM JavaScript API.



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DynaMight Legend

Based on the waterfall screenshot, Dynatrace RUM cannot automatically detect end of the user action and considers additional document request part of the same user action.  Reasons for that may vary. You can also use the RUM JavaScript API as suggested to send signal that page loading is finished.

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We have received fix from support to include dsa=1 which will show each of the document request as seperate.

Great 😌 thank you for info 

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