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Null results using user action for mobile

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Good day,

I am a novice in using the dynatrace, I want to create various metrics for mobile application.
The main point is to detect all possible latencies on the all-around roads, came up with useraction queries to cover it, but most of them gave me null value results.

Bellow would be an example of a pic with one of the queries.
Can somebody turn me the right way, appreciate that.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I assume that your query will only work for web applications. User actions for mobile applications are slightly different. They do not represent an interaction with the server environment. Values like serverTime, networkTime, frontendTime or others like domCompleteTime are not available for these user actions.

Monitoring data for web requests is sent as additional event and visible in the "User action analysis" screen or as aggregated metrics in the web request dashboards. I think it is not possible to query them.


Thanks for your response, but is there any solution to expand the metrics variety for mobile application, for example, as mentioned like the server, frontend, and network time to build proper dashboards?

Thanks in advance

You could suggest it as idea in the product idea category.

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