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Payment user actions not captured by dynatrace



When user enter the payment journey, DT is not capturing those user actions. We can see the JS agent in the header of that payment page, however, after entering the card details and CVV when user click on Pay Now button. This button click is not detected by DT. Click on Pay now trigger call to payment gateway.

The above scenario apply to subsequent pages when user is entering password.

Do we need to make any configuration change to capture these missing actions.?Is there anyone who able to capture full payment journey through RUM?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hey @Suresh K.,

can you provide more details please. For instance, since you are talking about payment, can it be that this is happening in an iFrame?



@Thomas Z. No IFrames involved , these are standard HTML pages for each step of payment.

Ok, can you then pls create a support ticket so we can have a look at it pls?

Hi, I have created the support call and shared all relevant information. Is there a way I can add you in watcher list? I could not find your emailId, FYI ticket number SUP-46225

thx, added myself!

Just an update. on further clarification with development team, we found that It was IFrame with the page where payment journey is rendering and we can't anything about it as per support.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Any chance you have it set to ignore this step? Just looking at it from a privacy stand point. if thats the case then support will help you in unblocking this.


@Chad T. No chance, we have not excluded any of the step. I remember in one of discussion call with DT and they said that DT by default do not see payment call to any third party payment system. I am not sure if this still stands true.

interesting, well thank you for creating a support ticket, im interested with what they say about this.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I also remember this situation a while ago with EasyTravel angular version. I'm not sure it's the same situation as yours, but in the last step (successful order) was a user "interaction" that did not fire a network request. At least this was true for the Easytravel Angular in September 2019. It was impossible to capture with Dynatrace without modifying the application code.

Dynatrace captures user actions that trigger an network request (XHR/Load). It does not capture any user actions on the page that do not trigger a network request unless you call the Dynatrace API.

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