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Performance impact on the conversion rate


Although many investigations already have been done, our business wants to see for themselves what the impact of bad performing site causes for the conversion rate. 

Within Dynatrace we can compare performance metrics on the generic conversion rate of the application. I'm seeking on the best practice to analyze the relation in a distribution view. Eg <500 ms 3% converions, 500ms-1sec 1,5% conversion, 1-2 sec 0,5 conversion.

Any suggestions/best practices how you can achieve this? 

Kind regards,



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

So this will vary per the use case, so my first question would be, what is the conversion goal? fi the goal is something like a button click, I would also make that a Key user Action. This will give you an even more in-depth view into the qualifying action that is adding to your conversion goal and also allow you to compare any problem cards to the action and the affects that problem might have had on the action. 


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your response. The objective of the conversion goal is checking whether people are navigating from product pages towards the product funnels. As Dynatrace already has the performance figures and the conversion information it would be nice to see the impact of performance on conversion and determine the optimum performance. Eg whats the best performance which gains the best conversion percentage and therefore customers achieving a business goal.

Kind regards,


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