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RUM Injection on WebMethods 9.12


Hello community,


i'm trying to activate RUM in an application inside WebMethods 9.12, but i failed many times (ruxitagent is not injected in html pages, i checked with F12 browser mode). In Documentation, these are the official supported versions:



So, the 9.12 is not official supported, right? In any case, oneagent instrumentation is correct and at service, process and host levels i don't have any problem, so maybe injection fails for this reason?


Also, i tried different domains (same hosts, different domains, same webmethods version) with same result. I checked and changed many times the Application Detection Rules (selected before "domain" and after "URL"), i changed and tried different "Javascript Library" paths in Advanced Setup of my Application. Nothing is working.


OneAgent version is, Full Stack with WebMethods processes monitored. I tried OneAgent javascript injection (default injection), so how can i resolve this task? If is possibile, i'd prefer to don't execute a manual injection.


Thanks, regards



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Axel,

First, I would ask if you really have users hitting WebMethods directly from browsers and accessing web pages it is serving up? If so, is WebMethods serving those pages using the Java Servlets framework? If it is, we should be able to inject. If not, I think we do not support RUM on WebMethods.

Hope this helps,


Hi Dave, thanks for your answer.

Yes, users hitting WebMetods directly, i checked a login request and it is exposed by Webmethods, no proxy or firewall in the middle. These Webmethods serving those pages using jQuery framework, but i injected other applications (other hosts) with it.

I don't know why injection is not working, it's strange.

Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

It has to be using the Servlet framework to inject in Java processes. Can you check the code for Servlet? You can do things like check the APIs in CPU analysis under Diagnostic tools, browse the classes as if you were defining a custom sensor, etc.

Hi Dave,

my first answer in not totally correct, i don't know if Webmethods using Java servlet framework, i try to search this information. Thanks for your help.

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