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RUM breaks Angular PWA service worker

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Angular static app is PWA with service workers caching the app and some of its data. App is deployed to Kubernetes pod served as nginx. Dynatrace is able to see metrics. I see lots of /rb requests going in the browser DevTools Network tabs (probably expected? but why so many?). I am ignoring the too many probe requests for now but I can't live with the following problem:-


My service worker is configured to cache certain /data requests for a long duration (1 day) with query strings and it works fine when RUM is disabled but it breaks when RUM is enabled. Why ? And what is the workaround for this.



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

@bhantol2c if you are still having this issue, I'd recommend putting in a support ticket where a deep in-depth analysis can be done on this issue.


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