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Regex for session property ?

Hi - I am quite new in the regex area - maybe stupid question...
I would like to convert price from cart - obtained by CSS selector to double (or integer) property.

The format I am getting from HTML is "1 234,56 €". Ideal match is "1234.56" - but I can live also with "1234 ".
Is it even possible to perform via regex in Application - Capturing - Session and user action properties - Custom properties - Apply cleanup rule ??

Currently I am able match either "1" or "234" 😞


THX, Josef


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

I recommend trying out Your can supply your string and then test regex to parse out the data you are looking for 🙂


Not applicable

You could use something like:


Would not remove the whitespace and keep the " , ".

You could also use this web to test the regex, since DT regex is kinda "limted"? anyway. That is something close to test in real time the results.

Thank you Dante,
the DynEx at is really great tool - even from learning perspective.

Anyway I was not able to remove space (and was able to remove ",56"). Transformation of result in form "1 234" to double property is leading to DoubleProperty = "null".
Currently I am matching just "234" and using parallel string property. In USQL I an adding then 1000 or 2000 according to "StringProperty" like "1 *" or "2 *". Quite dirty solution 😞

Hopefully in future I will be able to get data from server side as request attribute.

BR, Josef

Looks the Dynatrace regex tool is not working now 😞 😞 gives   ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED

Do we have any replacement for it ? It was very usefull for me ...

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