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Rerount RUM data to AG instead of our web server



RUM data is send back to our environment via /rb_<id> POST request but we don't want it to be served by agents installed on our web servers so we are planning to bring up AG and redirect all traffic to it. Can someone help me how can I achieve it.


I am aware you can set in Application->Edit -> Advanced Setup -> JavaScript Library -> "Specify path where JavaScript tag should send monitoring data" and then I can point that to and AG but what I am looking for is what configuration in AG is required to accept those request.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Assuming you are on Managed, the typical configuration involves installing two cluster ActiveGates, fronted by a Load Balancer, in your DMZ, accessible over the public internet (assuming your users are on the internet and not internal network). The tricky part is setting up the certificate and SSL termination and the Load Balancer URL, etc.

I would start here:

If you are on SaaS, it's pretty easy, since the embedded Cluster ActiveGate is already exposed on the Internet.

Hope this helps,


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