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Search user sessions by id


We've just installed dynatrace and have been using the 'user sessions' toolset to undertand user interaction within our site.

The session id's are in the format 'Anonymous (1505450793625LP5II9NAMO60GNH95Q74C33M5HKETDA2)'

My question is, how can we search user sessions based on that long id value ?.

We have noted that the id appears in our firewall and application server logs as a field called ‘rxVisitor’, so we'd like to be able to use this value from the log files to locate the user session in dynatrace



Hello Nick,

From what I was able to check, I don't think you can search the user sessions with the Anonymous tag, you can only use the user tag that Dynatrace adds when the user logs into the app/site. What you can do is to open the user session of the user that you are interested in and record their ip address. You can then search through all the user sessions with that.


David Nicholls

Also, this question is posted to the Data Center RUM forum, you will want to move it to the Dynatrace SaaS and Managed public forum.

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