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Server side response time and Client side response time in Dynatrace


response time.pngHi, I am trying to find out the cause of slow response time of one of the API for my web application. I have tried to use Purepath and came across two attributes server-side response time and client-side response time. What does it mean from the screenshot attached. The flow is Apache -> Tomcat and I don't understand what is causing that 11.7 seconds of time? How do i find out if it's the Network issue?

Also what does that "other" time represent here as it is what taking the longest time?

@Dave M. @Joseph M. H. @Saravanan S. @Larry R.

Any help is appreciated.


Dynatrace Advisor
Dynatrace Advisor


I'm unable to pinpoint whether this is a network issue, but I can try to answer some of your other questions. I believe that server-side response time is calculated based on how much time was spent in that particular service as well as any downward services it may have called. Client-side response time is being calculated based on the perspective of the caller, so beginning with when the client called the service and up until that service finishes executing and returns a value to the client service. For "Other" I believe the calculation is as follows:

Other = Total time - CPU - Wait - Sync - Suspension

Here are 2 posts that might help provide more detail:

Hope this helps!

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