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Session Replay Storage


Hi all,

Our team experienced a blocker when playing "Session Replay"

The message says "The retention period for this session data has expired or the session was deleted because the environment has reached the maximum storage capacity."

We have ruled out the "retention period" because the session was created 2 days ago and our retention period is 35 days.

Since we are using Managed Dynatrace, we checked the volumes of the cluster managers and the storage looks got space left.

See attached screenshot.


Our question are:

1. Where to check the storage of the session replay? and;

2. If our volumes got space, what triggered the maximum storage capacity?


Thank you.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If you have confirmed that the clustered nodes have enough space remaining from the CMC, then id check on the storage allocation for session replay. Information on that can be found here:  

You can also check out the storage location and or change storage location if more space is needed. 


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