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📢 Support ending for MS Internet Explorer versions 7-10, and older JavaScript frameworks on May 9th 2023

Community Team
Community Team

Microsoft support for Internet Explorer 10 ended on January 31, 2020. Dynatrace will end support for Internet Explorer 10 and earlier versions in May 2023 with the release of JavaScript Agent version 1.265 and Dynatrace version 1.266. As a result, The JavaScript Agent will no longer initialize on those browsers and therefore will not be sending any RUM data to the Dynatrace platform. 


We understand that there are some applications that can only be accessed using older versions of Internet Explorer. For such applications, you can use a version of Dynatrace RUM JavaScript that remains compatible with Internet Explorer versions 7-10. Dynatrace will continue providing security updates as and when necessary during normal support cycle. 


In the Dynatrace web UI, go to Applications > (My web application) > Settings > Injection > RUM JavaScript updates. Select Latest IE-7-10 supported as your RUM JavaScript version. This setting supports any applications that rely on older versions of Dynatrace RUM JavaScript. 




JavaScript frameworks 

These JavaScript frameworks will lose support with the release of JavaScript Agent version 1.265 and Dynatrace version 1.266: 

  • While Angular will remain supported, AngularJS and Angular with SystemJS will be deprecated 
  • Timing metrics for JavaScript files and images on non-W3C-compliant browsers 
  • dojo 
  • extjs 
  • icefaces 
  • jquery 
  • mootools 
  • prototype 
  • activex 

If you are using one of the above desupported frameworks, please turn on the generic ones instead to collect monitoring data. You can use the same approach that is applied for IE7-10 desupport to use the older version. If something does not work as expected or if you need further assistance, please contact Dynatrace support. 

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

Dynatrace Advocate
Dynatrace Advocate

I'm seeing that the blog post link takes me to a 404 page. Is there another link that shows the list of frameworks that will lose support?


I had taken this screenshot:


Best regards

❤️ Emacs ❤️ Vim ❤️ Bash ❤️ Perl

Thanks for sharing the screenshot! I've pasted the whole text in the body of the post now 🙂 

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!

You are welcome and thank you!

❤️ Emacs ❤️ Vim ❤️ Bash ❤️ Perl

DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Can you provide an exact date in May when this will take place? Thank you!

Hi Larry, the change is due on May 9th

The only constant is change. Finding ways for great things to happen!


I have the following doubts that I detail here:

They have removed specific support for all frameworks except Angular. That means that all applications have to select Generic XHR, but the same user actions will be captured. It's right? Here we are talking about capturing or not capturing some user actions. That is, if you had previously requested XHR from jQuery instead of detecting them with the custom option, now it will be detected with the generic one. Or not?
They have removed INTEGRAL support for IE10 and earlier: RUM is simply not going to work: not even the session will be captured. The solution to this is to leave in the RUM the latest javascript that IE10 and earlier supports. It's right?
The main question I have is: if there is an application that uses jQuery (for example) but with modern browsers, do we need to use the javascript compatible with IE10 or can we use the latest version?

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