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USQL dynamic timeframe inside query

is it achievable to put a dynamic (relative) timeframe in my USQL query?

[I mean not as filter as Global TimeFrame in the dashboard or a filter in the single dashlet]


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

It’s not supported right now to put it in query. But you can use this option:


Regards, Sebastian

Thank you Sebastian, very kind of you.

One more question: in your experience, if I select the "Dynamic time-frame shift", will this option be inherited in the corresponding api v1 call?

[I'm trying to achieve a scheduled usql-api call via power query on excell and maybe I'm overcomplicating things]

Hi @Yann B.

In case of Rest API you need to specify the time in epoch format , so any how you will need to calculate it and while calculating subtract the right amount of ms you want....



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