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User Session export options


Hi team,

We are creating many business KPIs in Dynatrace for RUM using session and action properties.

Our use case is to pull all the user session data using API for particular management zones into any third party tools and build visualizations on top of it.

What we have tried:

1) We have tried using user sessions API, but unfortunately, our firewall team is blocking the use as the USQL request has a query exposed to an API url. It is treated as an SQL injection. So, this option is not working here.

2) I believe there is another option for user session export to ElasticSearch or any 3rd party tool using a webhook endpoint. This again downloads the data for any user sessions that is "completed" and we do not want duplicate data sitting in multiple places.

What we want:

We want any API that can be used anytime which is used to pull user sessions data.

Is there any client or any other way that we can query the Elasticsearch DB directly.

Please let us know the all possible options available for me to try out for?


Nitesh Anand



Community Team
Community Team

Hi @nanand3, is this document helpful? 

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