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User Tagging preference in user sessions during multiple user tags for visit


We have created three different user tags in application user tags - one of the landing page menu to know which application function is being used by user, second tag for the page title for the user filling any forms and third for the userid when the user first logs in the application. We see all these user tag events working correctly and being recorded.

The issue that we are facing is when we see user sessions for the application, it shoes us sessions based on any of these tags randomly. For some user sessions is shows the userid tag, for some it shows pagetitle tag and for some it shows the application function tag. when we open any of these, we do see a user tagging as well.

We intend to see the user sessions based on userid and then be able to see the sessions for that user where we see other taggings while drilling down.

first user session here displays the session based on user id, second session is based on the page tile and third session is based on application function, the three tags that we defined.

When i open the second session in the above four sessions

Here the tag captured at 5:36:06 is userid which should be displayed in user sessions rather than Standard Contract which is the last tag that is captured here and shown in user sessions.

In the application user tags definition, higher priority is for the userid tag just to add more details on the request.



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hello Jatinder,

the user tag should always be the same format - e.g. the user id. You can specify multiple rules to be sure that it is set for all sessions, but you should try to stick with the same format. If the user tag is different through the session, the last value that was captured during the lifespan of that session will be applied to the session.

If you need to add other categories like page title or the function tag you will like the session properties feature, which will come later this year or early next year. It will allow you to specify additional properties besides the user tag that can be used to filter and group your sessions.

Best regards,




do you have any updates on session properties? is this something we can use today?

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