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User tagging from Java Servlet page


Hi all,

I would like to create user tags that captures username values from a Java servlet based login page.

From what I understand, the options we currently have are user tagging via CSS selector, JavaScript variable, metadata, and cookie attributes. However, for the web application we are monitoring, one of their services uses a pop up Java window to perform login. This specific service would continue to run on the Java window after login and there will be no communication between the html landing page with this Java window.

Can we still capture value for user tagging? Would user tagging with metadata or cookie work?

Is that possible that we can use JavaScript API in this situation? If yes, how?

Kindly advice.





DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you can create a request attribute as well from the purepaths and the services that are monitored then back link the tagging to hit that new request attribute you created. and example of this would be if you want to tag users with their IPs. The possibilities are endless. You you already tried the options with the SS selector, JavaScript variable, metadata, and cookie attributes, i would check out the request attributes.


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