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Using EAG for RUM (just like CAG)?



We have environment activegate and we wish to implement agentless monitoring, using it (and not a cluster active gate)

Is there a way of configuring the activegateway to serve the javascript? what is the url we can use to access the JS ?




First of all, ActiveGate is not serving JS. Agentless RUM monitoring needs downloading JS and injecting it manually into page. DT server has endpoint that allows you automatically download the new version of this JS via script or by hand. Second thing is that, Environment ActiveGate is not able to collect data from RUM. This feature is working only for Cluster one (for Dynatrace Managed), SaaS is available public so it does not need AG for this case).


Thanks Sebastian!

We are trying to implement via EAG since our app is within the LAN. (dynatrace offline)

How can we download the actual JS file?

Infact we do need to download the actual JS but the Advanced settings of the application allow us only to copy complete inline code or just the tag (same with api).
Are we suppose to download the inline and save it as a file?


You can change the way to provide this JS, as well you can use DT CDN to update it automatically:


Thanks Sebastian!

We'll try downloading script from dynatrace node as we don't have a CAG yet, as you suggested...



What are the reasons for not using a Cluster ActiveGate? I assume you have Dynatrace Managed. In the case of SaaS, the endpoint is public.

The endpoint for serving JS is not available on Environment ActiveGate. Agentless RUM also needs to have an endpoint where the data is being sent and that should be the Cluster ActiveGate in case of Dynatrace Managed, albeit data can be also consumed by any instrumented web application (but I don't think this is supported nor preferred).

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