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View SignalR/Websocket Requests/Responses


Hello, is it possible to view SignalR/Websocket requests and responses within DT. I can see the various SignalR/Websocket send/receive messages within Chrome DevTools under the Network -> WS (Web Sockets) tab and wondered if I can view something similar in DT.


Many thanks in advance.



I have had a project in the past where I was able to see them. They are visible in the RUM waterfalls. In the case that I analyzed, SignalR connections were being made from the browser to a localhost service.

Antonio Sousa

Hello, thank you for the response, I do see in the waterfall analysis of the page in DT the WebSocket/SignalR start and negotiate requests but unfortunately and more importantly I do not see the WebSocket/SignalR connect request in DT. When looking at this WebSocket/SignalR connect request in the Chrome Dev Tools, you are then able to drill further down on this request and it displays the WebSocket/SignalR request/response messages, which seem to be the back and forth traffic on that respective WebSocket/SignalR connection and their timings, etc and I would like to know if those messages are viewable in DT at all? 


Many thanks.


I am also searching for WebSocket/SignalR support.


If your SignalR is talking to localhost, which is the common scenario, you will see the calls in RUM. But they won't be available in Dynatrace, because the code is running on the client's computer, which is typically not instrumented by OneAgent.

Antonio Sousa