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A way to import external data into Dynatrace as User session data

Frequent Guest

I have a question as followings.
Would you please tell me if you have a good idea?

Is there any way to import external data into Dynatrace as User session data?
*The external data is assumed to be personal attribute information associated with the employee ID.
(department/job title/responsibilities/company history/business performance/award history, etc.).
*It is not Metric information of the infrastructure.

- My customer is using Dynatrace to collect data for an internal portal site (Sharepoint). (only RUM data)
- In the RUM data, the UserTag setting is used, and the employee ID can be obtained.
- When external data (e.g. CSV file) contains personal attribute information
(e.g. department/job title/responsibilities/company history/business performance/award history) associated with an employee ID,
by importing this external data into Dynatrace and combining it with the user session data,
I am thinking that I can extract insights about the user behavior characteristics of high business performers.

I know about the "user session export".
But what I want to do is import external data into the user session.

Hiroshi Kitahara


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If there is no agent on the application web page then there will be no  RUM Data. Do you have another tool that is grabbing that RUM type Data that you want to ingest into Dynatrace and RUM for Users?


I'm just a bit lost as to what on the external side is collecting data that you are looking to import 


Frequent Guest

Hello @ChadTurner ,
Thank you for your comment.

Actually customer is collecting only RUM data using Dynatrace Agentless RUM.
And the external data is just CSV file.

Is there any good idea?

Hiroshi Kitahara

That would leave me to believe that the Agentless Rum Was deployed out incorrectly. The system is designed to automatically ingest the data into Dynatrace as if there was already an agent on there hence why its called agentless. 

I would recopy the code snipit and ensure it was properly deployed into your application pages. Here is a link to the support article on Agent Less RUM: 


DynaMight Champion
DynaMight Champion

Is the user's "contextual" data available somehow on the browser side? If so you may be able to access it by adding your own js code which utilize the js agent. Otherwise, If it's not there at all, you have no way to add it besides using oneagent and accessing the data from the server side (and then this could be a request attribute and a session property).

Hello @gilgi ,
Thank you for your comment.

Actually, the user's "contextual" data is not available on the browser side.
I understand that I have no way to add it besides using oneagent and accessing the data from the server side.
Thank you for your advice.

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