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User Session Query Language for plotting response time


Hi, I am trying to play the response time of various metrics like visuallyCompleteTime, networkTime, serverTime for some of my key user actions. What i want to do is create a chart where the average response time is plotted on Y-axis and time on X-axis so that I can compare how is it looking over the day.

I have tried one query but it's not giving me the results what i expected. Any advice or help is appreciated. 



SELECT DATETIME(startTime, "HH:mm", "5m") as Buckets,  AVG(visuallyCompleteTime), MIN(visuallyCompleteTime), MAX(visuallyCompleteTime), AVG(ser) FROM useraction
WHERE name IN ("loading of page /myPage")
GROUP BY Buckets


This query is giving me below chart but it's not what I want.





Hi Shashank,


Maybe Data Explorer will make thing easier for you , you will have data in real time for all actions and not average by 5-min timerange ?

You can graph it easily ,splitted by key user action


Unless you really want to group data from multiple days on specific timeslot : if yes, your solution seems to be fine by your USQL Request.
What do you expect more than that's in your graph ?




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