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View network payloads using session replay


Is it possible to view network payloads of a user through Dynatrace using session replay?

For example: In any browser, any action I take generates a payload, and I can view this through inspect, developer mode, or F12 on the keyboard.

Does Dynatrace have this type of functionality as well? Could you help me with that?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


In general terms, Dynatrace does not look at the data payloads. But there are things you really can see as in Developer Tools (F12):

  • The network waterfalls are visible for each user-action. You can see all the requests and the respective timings.
  • The exceptions that occur in the F12 console (Javascript errors) are also grabbed by Dynatrace
  • Some of the headers are also kept. If the ones you want aren't there, you can grab them with "Request Attributes".
  • Post parameters and other request variables are also possible to obtain
  • You can do even more advanced tricks, like Session Replay

Now, getting all the data that you see in Developer Tools is really not possible at scale. And really not needed for normal use-cases. And would violate data protection laws in certain jurisdictions...

Antonio Sousa

Thank you so much for providing some valuable information @AntonioSousa !
Is this comment answering your question @gustavodutra or do you need some further assistance? 🙂

Dynatrace Participant
Dynatrace Participant

@gustavodutra thx for your feedback. We will add this on our backlog as it makes sense. What is your use case?

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