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Web application API responding slow


Hi, I have a web application which has 4 Apache and 4 Tomcat servers. I am trying to find the root cause for it using Purepath in Dynatrace but I am not able to figure it out yet. I have attached 3 screenshots where I am trying to understand what each of these means. If someone can have a look and help, that would be very helpful.

In the 2nd screenshot it says, Elapsed time, selftime and duration - what does these mean? Does it mean that the doFilter method took 13 seconds of time?

The flow is Browser -> Apache -> Tomcat so I am trying to find out where exactly is the problem?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

In a nutshell:

Elapsed: When the method started

Self: Time spent in the method itself

Duration: Time spent in downstream calls made and the method itself (total response time)

@Dave M. Thanks for the response Dave. Would it be possible for you to analyse anything from those images and screenshots?

I am trying to find out the root cause for that 13 seconds time but I am not sure where to start and what to find?

If you can help, that would be very much appreciated.

Can you send me your tenant or cluster details via email at dave dot mauney at

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