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What is considered a "custom move"?

Frequent Guest

Hello teachers, although my question is rather simple, I would like to know what kind of moves would be considered custom moves?


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

Hi @Lino 

If moves means user actions here is what documentation says about Custom user actions:

Rather than relying on default user action generation, you may want to fine-tune your Real User Monitoring by adding additional user actions directly into your application's HTML. This can be useful if our automated user-action generation doesn't catch specific actions or you want to introduce specific fine-grained timings into your application monitoring. For example, you can measure how long it takes to open a JavaScript-only dropdown menu, or you can measure the duration time of some JavaScript code. To define custom actions, use the RUM JavaScript API.



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Okay, I got it. Thank you

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