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Which process injected JavaScript tag ?


Is it possible to identify from HTML code which process injected JavaScript tag ?
We are solving issue (probably) with multi tag injection ...

Thx, Josef



I don't think you can do that. Multi tag injection should not happen. Most likely something in between (WAF / load balancer) removed the "X-OneAgent-JS-Injection" header.

Thank you Julius.
Guys were experimented with manual tagging (with defer mode) - and it was maybe reason for it - ingress Nginx added probably another tag (Kubernetes envoronment) .
Means if manual tagging will happen - then "X-OneAgent-JS-Injection" header should be included ? Which value header should contain ?

Java script tag injection has nothing to do with Dynatrace tagging (Dynatrace manual or auto tags).

The "X-OneAgent-JS-Injection" response header is present if the service injected JavaScript. But I'm not absolutely sure if this is taken into consideration. I believe there are additional checks as well. Do you really have multiple injections of the RUM JavaScript in your app?