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"Detection sensitivity" in mobile crashes settings?

DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

In a mobile application, the configuration for the crash rate increase has three "Detection sensitivity" values. I have tried to find what they mean, the best I have gotten is this link in the documentation, but it only mentions low & high:

I don't even know if it applies to mobile crashes. Any idea what they mean?

Screenshot for the settings page:



Antonio Sousa


I once tried to understand the mechanisms under automated baselining, so I remembered seeing those thresholds somewhere... 
I have found the following documentation, I hope it will guide you in the right direction
So, from "Settings API - Crash rate increase settings for mobile applications schema table", you immediately have the link to Automated multi-dimensional baselining.

And as it also made sense to look for "adjust sensitivity", I got to
Adjust the sensitivity of anomaly detection


and for instance in
Adjust the sensitivity of anomaly detection for services


Hope it helps




Thanks! In the first link I had previously verified that it was an enum, but there is no reference what actual values are permitted.

I had also seen the second link (the one I linked to), but it only has two sensitivity levels, and no reference to the "medium".

Your third link I had not found, and although not immediately related to crashes, and implying fixed thresholds,  it explains "medium" is something in the middle of Low & High, which quite frankly is what I was expecting too 🤣

Thanks for finding this out.

Antonio Sousa

Hi again...
Sorry, between Easter vacations, and previously getting rid of work, in order to be "allowed" to take it 😆 didn't check up on this...
I suppose that by now you have reached for Dynatrace's support.
Reasonable confidence, seems to be a Statistical concept. It's goes way beyond my knowledge.

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