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ruxitagentjs - Can't find variable: PerformanceResourceTiming


We are getting Javascript errors "Can't find variable: PerformanceResourceTiming" from the ruxitagentjs script. This is the dynatrace code isn't it?

Happening only for Safari 11 on MacOS El Capitan


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

Are you sure that this error is thrown by ruxitagent? This library is catching exceptions from other libraries and than throwing it again. Thanx of this it is able to send exception content to dynatrace, but there you will find detail where this was thrown originally.


Yes, sure ... its pretty obvious that its coming from that script when looking through the UI ... its the only script in the stack. And the thing its doing is probably related to performance stats for Dynatrace

What version of RUM Agent do you have? We have dynatrace across multiple clients and enviornments, users are using OSX and Safari in several versions. I've never seen such error, this is why I'm asking. If this happen on newest version of JS then you should rise support ticket.



We are getting the same error and we are sure that it originates from ruxitagentjs

Dear Andreas,

in case you haven't already done so, please open a support ticket to give us the chance to look into this.

thank you.

Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Dear community,

since in the last year this post has been viewed quite often, we discussed this internally and I can give you the following answer to this.

According to our knowledge Safari in the past implemented the resource timings API but insufficiently, since they later removed it again. Since our way to capture resource timings works for IE, Chrome, and FF we believe that the error you experienced very likely occurred due to this insufficient implementation.

Nevertheless, we appreciate every stack trace that you can provide for us to dig deeper!



Hi, is it safe to assume that we can ignore these files, as they are skewing our reports.


If you have users with such older Safari browser, then yes absolutely.

If they are newer versions please open a support ticket to give us the chance to look at this in detail.

Thank you!

regards Thomas