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useraction.isEntryAction vs useraction.isExitAction


A quick question, I understand "isExitAction" to mean the last thing a user does before a session ends. (such as the last page loaded in that session)

From that I would think that "isEntryAction" would refer to the first action of a session.

being "Loading of Page X "

Are there any other actions than "Loading of Page" associated with isEntryAction


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

There can also be XHR actions as well "By selecting Entry actions, you can analyze the Entry actions' duration. It's important to watch the trend of the first page load or XHR action of a session as these are often the landing pages of your application. You can also inspect the Apdex rating on the entry actions as your users expect a good experience with your application right from the start. "


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