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Is it a good choice to start my career with Dynatrace?


Is good choice starting career with Dynatrace Tool (APM) as a Software Engineer?

I hate coding please let me know Is coding required in working with Dynatrace Tool?

How to kick start in learning Dynatrace Tool?

What kind of challenges will need to be faced after 6  to 7 years of experience?

What needs to get upgraded in on going with Dynatrace Tool in future 3 or 5 years of exp level?




Please let me know the answers for my questions I am literally confused should I proceed on this or not ... As because of I hate coding...


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru


First of all, don't look at Dynatrace as a tool; it really is a platform where all sort of people collaborate. I have seen statisticians loving to use it, as many marketeers and managers... Of course you've got developers and architects, mixed up with networking & sysadmin teams... I have also seen some people hate Dynatrace, but it's because it exposed their bad approximation to IT.

We have all been there at the beginning of our careers. But my humble opinion would be for you to ask yourself what do you love to do? Because if you are going to stick with Dynatrace for more than say 3 years, you'll probably get into some coding of some sort, be it using APIs, coding some extension, or just automating something... If you really love it, you'll probably be doing it in a couple of months. But I have also seen people work with Dynatrace for years without any programming.

So, what do you love to do in IT?

Antonio Sousa

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