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Browser Synthetic - content validation


My question is regarding the content validation. Found below in the doc, but I cant tell if Dynatrace will use these rules to wait and perform the content validation or if these only apply to synthetic events in the click path.


Amount of time to wait before the next event is triggered

While Dynatrace automatically selects an appropriate wait time for each event, you can customize this setting to define how long Dynatrace should wait before the next event is executed.

  • None

  • Wait for page to load completely waits for network activity to be completed after the load event is triggered. This is the default wait time used when loading a new page.

  • Wait for specific period of time allows you to specify the number of seconds that Dynatrace should wait between this event and the next.

  • Wait for background network activity to complete waits for all network activity to be complete following the event. This is the default wait time used for XHRs and interactions within single-page applications.

    This option is not available for Navigate events.

  • Wait for specific element to appear allows wait for a specific HTML element on the page by specifying the CSS or DOM locator for the element. You can also specify to text to validate against in the element, and a timeout for locating the element.

  • Wait for next event waits until one of the locators of the next event is found. This is basically the same as Wait for specific element to appear but automatically uses the locators of the next event.


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

If the event is not triggered then it will raise an alarm on that. Lets say you go to and want to validate that "sign in" is there and then click on the sign in button and actually synthetically sign in.

Dynatrace will run the synthetic to go to, wait for it to load, then validate that Sign in is present - if not then alert - if so it continues to the next step. Lets say you mixed it up and you wanted to validate that "Sports" was on the main page. It will load the page, check for the validation - Pass or fail the validation and proceed to the next step all while alerting you that Sign In or Sports validation failed.


Chad, thanks for the response. In some cases the validation fails and in the screenshot you can see that the page is still loading. So we get complaints that dynatrace is performing the validation too soon. So, according to your answer, the options I listed above do not impact content validation.

Try some of the other waits to see if you can get the page to wait for long enough for the page to fully load. Perhaps 'Wait for specific element to appear' or 'Wait for Next Event'

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

Thanks, I will try to test this although it may not be easy. So are we unsure if the settings above impact the content validation timings?

Content validation is done after the wait has completed. If you can see in the screenshot that the reason the content validation failed was due to the page not having completely loaded then trying other waits will allow you to find the best one for your site.

Synthetic SME and community advocate.

OK Thank you for the answer...

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