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Credential vault data traffic to Robots


Hello everyone,

this blog post shows the use of the new credential vault. Can anyone tell me how the information is transferred? So how do the credentials get from the vault to the private and public servers where the robots run their tests? And how they are stored there?

Thanks a lot, Alexander


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Safely store your credentials in a central place, automatically update monitors, and more!

First and foremost, the Dynatrace Synthetic credential vault provides a secure store for your credentials.

The sensitive information in each credential, be it a user ID/password or certificate, is stored in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted form in the database on the Dynatrace Cluster. Access to the data is granted only through a secure SSL channel. This means that after credentials are added to the credential vault, they won’t be visible to you or any other user in your organization; they are visible only to the synthetic monitors referencing them. The description and metadata of a credential can be displayed, but the sensitive information is available only for overwriting.


I assume the question was more about spcifics about the secure SSL channel.

How is the access from the robots to the credentials vault implemented, is the Channel via Mission Control like the scheduling of the Synthetic Monitors?

Are they loaded from the cluster for every monitor run or cached somewhere?

Is the connection initiated from the cluster or from the robot?

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