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Is it possible to set manuel timings in Dynatrace synthetics?


I have recorded a webbrowser clickpath in Dynatrace Managed and i runs ok.

Unfortunatly some of the steps on click ( Run report) doesn't report any timing, eventhough the screen changes an new tables are shown, and I would certainly think that this is an action. They just report Total duration

Would it be possible to insert a startimer step before and stoptimer after and then report the timed difference ?

I know you can insert javascripts in your clickpaths, but is it possible to get values reported from these steps ?



And just for the record.

I can confirm with Wireshark there i network activity when I do the click, but nothing is reported in timing.

Might raise an error report.

DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

timers are not an option within Dynatrace at this point. I would expect that the synthetics reports the time it took for the page to become visually complete. You can change that metric within the settings if you dont want to base it off of visually complete


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