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Difference between synthetic scenario execution on private AG


Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with the scenario execution with my synthetic private AG, the synthetic monitor has an execution problem when running in Linux AG but not in Windows AG.
The problem for some is the delay in loading the page.
For others, it is a page loading problem:
example :
Error code 1304 - Wait for page complete timeout

Failure reason Time exceeded waiting for page to load completely

Both AGs have the same synthetic and chromium version and the same hardware resource.

In most cases, it is a problem with the page loading, even if I put 60s for each step

Someone can tell me the reason why I have this behavior?



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

What do the screenshots show? Does the page load at all? What action is being done? Are you clicking on something? If so, do you see the yellow box around the button etc? If it is a click event, can you try using a JavaScript event instead?


Hello @HannahM , Thank you for your answer

I have many cases
one : it loads a white page at the first step (loading the url), see image 1
another one : the loading of the page is not finished after the authentication step, see image 2


 "If so, do you see the yellow box around the button etc?"

no yellow box because the page has not finished loading.


"If it is a click event, can you try using a JavaScript event instead?"

the same synthetic monitor works correctly on other AG.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Are these monitors being run on Windows ActiveGates? If so, can you go to the ActiveGate and try playing back the monitor? Do you see the same behaviour? If you open Chrome on the ActiveGate, navigate to the page and complete the same steps as the monitor, what behavour do you see?

For the monitor that works on one ActiveGate and not the other, what are differences between the AGs? Are they both the same OS? Are they the same version of AG and Chromium?

Yes, this monitor works in Windows and Linux AG.
In Windows AG, when I try to playing back or connect to the website manually, there is no problem.
But in the Linux AG, I have the same behavior.

I forgot to mention that this behavior is random whether it's playing back or running manually or automatically.

The difference between AG is just the operating system, I don't see anything else.

I had created many different linux AG with different OS, but without result.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Intermittent behaviour is always a challenge to resolve. Please can you create a support ticket and we can then look at the monitors and applications in question. 

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