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Dynatrace Browser monitor for remote connections


Iam trying to build a dynatrace Browser monitor.

The monitor hits a page and then we click on a virtual machine/host. Once we click on the host/vm a connection is established. Dynatrace is not able to monitor the actions that are performed once the connection is established. Is there a way for dynatrace to record those actions as well.(monitor remote connections)


DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

you should be able to do this with Synthetics via the browser click paths


Can you please give me an example. Dynatrace is not able to record clickpaths when a remote connection is established. If the recording is within a single browser then events are getting recorded.

Is this basically an RDP session (mstsc.exe)? Dynatrace synthetic doesn't understand the protocol. One thing that would perhaps be possible is to split this in two sections:

1. Test the browser part until clicking the VM, hopefully there's something in the UI that would help verify that the click was successful.

2. Monitor the remote connection via ActiveGate remote plugin. This is something you would have to create and customize yourself, unless you're able to find that someone else has done a similar plugin earlier and is sharing it.

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