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Getting Cluster ActiveGate download URL via API call

We want to automate deployment of multiple Cluster Activegates at different locations which then are used for Synthetic testing.


Downloading Cluster AG via GUI is a clear procedure. Now, how can we automate such downloading and further deployment via an API call?


If generating the download URL via API is not possible/supported, can we manually download the file once, put it somewhere and then call its installation via a script?




DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

This can be done via the API. You will need an API token for authorization. that can be created from Settings>Integration>Dynatrace API. Once you have a Token set up, Navigate to Environment API V1:

You can see under deployment there are many options surrounding the Oneagent and Activegates. The bottom 3 are for activegates. This is where you can use the API to pull the latest version of your Oneagent and/or activegate.

If we click into one of these GET, we can see the response header along with the Curl Command and the Request URL. This is the data you will need for your automation.


Chad, thanks for your reply.

Let me try this tomorrow, but wanted to confirm that the procedure and the URL will download the cluster, not environment ActiveGate.


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