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How can ports be monitored in Dynatrace SaaS?

Hi All,

how could ports be monitored in Dynatrace SaaS? Do we need to develop additional plugin or we can use synthetic monitoring? Main idea is to monitor availability of different ports used by our applications.

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Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Synthetic Basic HTTP Monitors are the out of the box way to do it.

You could write a plugin if you want to do it without consuming DEM units.



Making it a plugin would consume Custom metrics. I don't think its really necessary to do it, since OneAgent is monitoring the network traffic as well. If a monitored service stops listening on a (TCP) port and traffic is still coming to non-listening port (connection refused), it will alert you anyway.

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DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

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I think I have the same question - I'm trying to determine which ports are in use by each of my applications. We routinely need to audit which ports are required to be open on our Firewall and being able to show which applications are using which port numbers when talking between hosts would be fabulous. Does anyone know where I would event start looking to extract that info or if it is even in there?

Hello All, could someone please let me know how we can monitor specific TCP ports for a specific server in dynatrace SaaS or Managed.

I think Julius has answered this in his comment: "If a monitored service stops listening on a (TCP) port and traffic is still coming to non-listening port (connection refused), it will alert you". Of course if there are no connections to that port (i.e. no one "sees" the issue), there won't be an alert either. For a steady 24/7 flow of tests, use a HTTP check.

Kalle,the above answer monitors all the ports. so now my question is to monitor a specific TCP port on a specific server can we use HTTP synthetic monitor?

Yes, indeed.

Thanks Kalle, i have setup one HTTP monitor for port monitoring, the monitor is giving the response time details but on availability check it says connection refused. however the port is actually listening on server

A bit difficult to say with this info, but... I would suggest first making sure there's no firewall blocking that port between the ActiveGate and the target host. Maybe also test the same connection manually with curl or wget from the ActiveGate & see what's the response.

Hi Srinivas, can you elaborate how you were able to set up TCP port monitor? Any Screenshots would be helpful too. Thanks.

Hi Biken, we achieved TCP port monitoring using the Out of the box HTTP monitors capability in dynatrace.

here are the detailed steps for setting up TCP port monitoring for a specific port on a specific server:

Implement synthetic enabled activegate

create a firewall rule from synthetic Activegate server to the server which requires TCP port monitoring on that particular port

create a private HTTP monitor using the get method where the request URL looks like: http://ServerIPaddress:TCPport

If the requirement is to monitor all the ports then dynatrace oneagent does this using the service monitoring capability

the alerts look like:

Connectivity problem
TCP connectivity rate for process 'Processname' on host 'hostname' has decreased to 0 %

Hi Konstantin,

as a partner of Dynatrace we have implemented a solution how to perform port scans in The port scan results can be integrated into the topology of the Dynatrace data. Furthermore you can verify the compliance automatically by rules and send an event directly to the Dynatrace service instance.
Here is some information:


You can also find us in the Dynatrace Software Intelligance Hub:

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