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How do I create an http monitor using Monaco?


Id like to create many synthetic monitors (100+) and be able to do this using Monaco.

The tests are similar so Id like to leverage some looping and go templating to simplify the creation, naming, the endpoint being checked, and tagging. Doing this with clickops became a nightmare quickly. The Dynatrace team recommended to me during Redhat Summit to use Monaco as the Configuration as Code tool.

I cant find any helpful documentation on creating a single http monitor using Monaco. I was able to create a dashboard successfully however.

I tried downloading the schemas but the results did not make any sense. I can get a list of names but I cant seem to get the full configuration.
monaco download --environment qa-main -v -s,builtin:synthetic.synthetic-availability-settings,builtin:synthetic.http.assigned-applications,builtin:synthetic.http.cookies,builtin:synthetic.http.outage-handling,builtin:synthetic.http.scheduling,builtin:synthetic.http.performance-thresholds
Can someone point me the right direction?



I think I found the examples. This should be like front and center in the documentation, the docs could use some help.

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