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How to get synthetic monitor's scheduling ?



One of our customer have some synthetic monitors scheduled every 5 or 15 minutes.
I scheduled a script every 5 minutes to get their availability during the last 15 minutes (to have metric for all synthetic monitors) to make some alerting. We send an alert when we have an availability of 0% but we will send this alert too late for synthetics monitors which are launched every 5 minutes (we need that the 3 last checks failed).

To completely automatised this script (our customer add monitors or rename them frequently), I need to get the scheduling time of each synthetic monitors.
It seems that we can't get this information through the API, can you confirm it ?


Pierrick EVERARD.



Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi @Pierrick E.,

we are working on an API that exposes the frequency of monitors. (It is planned to be released by end of this year) Did you try the built-in outage handling & alerting? (Monitor settings -> Outage handling) If yes, what are you missing there that made you implement your own alert handling?

Kind regards, Philipp

Was the Api ever implemented?



The frequency in minutes of a synthetic monitor is viewable through the Synthetic Monitor API, as the field "frequencyMin" of the Synthetic Monitor object in the response:

Synthetic monitors API - GET a monitor | Dynatrace Docs


Thanks Philipp.

It' Pierrick not Patrick 😉

We already send alert but I also display the status of all synthetic monitors on a cockpit (with all monitoring solutions of the cystomer) so it's why I need to extract metrics....

Perfect if it's planned to be released by end of this year.

Sorry Pierrick! 🙂

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