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Http Monitor request in order to solve a Dns via a specific IP (as if I would modify host file)


I'm trying to schedule an http monitor in order to solve a dns website.

The website is cached by akamai (CDN provider) and my get HTTP resolve one of the many Ip of akamai's servers.

In order to do my http monitor I need to resolve that dns but on a specific address (as if in my windows pc I would modify the host file)

Is this possible to archive?

thank you


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Hi Yann,

this isn't currently possible and I don't believe it is planned. I can see an 'under review' Product idea here which I recommend you vote for and also add your business use case in the comments. This is very helpful when our Product Managers are deciding which features to add.

Best wishes, Hannah

Thank you Hannah, I will!

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