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Synthetic test results export to excel sheet


Hi, I am new to Dynatrace. I have setup a synthetic monitoring test but want to export the performance and availability data for specific timeframe to excel sheet.

Please if anyone can guide me step by step, how it can be done for a beginner person who just started using the Dynatrace recently?

The purpose of the data export is to present the comparison of performances to stakeholders in presentable form (graphs in excel) for different time period of my synthetic test.


DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

If you have a Custom Chart with the overall synthetic data, you can export it to CSV/Excel. I believe in all other cases, you will have to export data through the API.

Antonio Sousa

I don't have Custom Chart data. I simply have synthetic test setup only. How can I do the data export through the API. If you can please guide me by each step.

You should at least read a little bit about the synthetic API, as seen in the first URL below. And then you can use some references to examples, as you can see in my second link below:

Antonio Sousa

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