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Internet access is really required for a private synthetic locations monitoring?


Hi, I want to enable synthetic monitoring in some private network websites. However I read at the documentacion that internet access is necessary in the AG responsible for this feature.


The level of this access is not in detail, so I have some questions...

All my AGs have proxies with specific rules defined by the sales sales engineer during the inital Dynatrace deployment. Is it enough if I set this proxy during the installation of the new AG (decicated to synthetic monitoring)?

If the answaer for the previous question is no, do I need to set full internet access in my new AG? Is not it possible to set spefiic firewall rules for some IPs?


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

I believe the AG only needs access to the internet to upload screen images to AWS S3. I believe they are going to discontinue storing them here in the future, also, which I would assume would then negate this requirement.

Meanwhile, you could start with no internet access, but proxy access for the cluster and the application being tested. If the only negative impact is missing screen shots, you can then decide if it is worth allowing internet access to S3 to enable that.

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